ECEC Curriculum


St. John’s Lutheran Church established its Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) in 1983. With support from the congregation, and surrounding community, the ECEC has flourished. The ECEC balances traditional educational methodologies with new and innovative ways to teach children between 2 and 9 years of age.

These documents provide general and specific learning objectives captured in the formal curriculum for the ECEC. Using a combination of the Developmentally Appropriate Practices theory, the “Voyages” developmental religious curriculum, and the “Creative Curriculum”, the ECEC has customized a curriculum for its students.

This tailored curriculum emphasizes the research conducted by Jean Piaget (Constructivist Theorem) and Leo Vygotsky (Social Learning Theory). The ECEC curriculum is founded upon the understanding that each child has a unique way of learning that occurs mainly through social interaction with others as well as their environment.

Developmental areas of focus include:

  • Social/Emotional
  • Physical (Large and Fine Gross Motor Skills)
  • Language Skills
  • Readiness Skills
  • Christian Education

The ECEC teachers are very familiar with each child’s developmental stages and enable the children to progress through their learning stages in the areas of focus. Daily interactions emphasize the love of Jesus through prayer, service to others, discussions with church leadership, and chapel (devotional) time.


Preschool First is the new tool that the teachers are using to enter key behavior that follow the Early Learning Guidelines for the State of Virginia, You can read about the philosophy behind the guidelines by clicking the link below. For more information about the curriculum and it's learning objectives click here.

Preschool First Philosophy


The following documents highlight the ECEC Curriculum with specific examples of learning objectives arranged by target age.


Teddy Bear Classroom

2-3 years of age



Busy Bee Classroom

3-4 years of age



Shining Star/Wise Owl Classroom

4-5 years of age