Rosetta Stone Spanish training

Interested in learning Español?  Through generous memorial fund gifts, St. John’s now has the Rosetta Stone software for three levels of Spanish (beginner, intermediate, and advanced intermediate).

Rosetta Stone (RS), headquartered in Arlington, VA, uses a dynamic immersion environment to teach language.  You will be surrounded with words, images, and the voices of native speakers so that you will experience immersion.  There are no memorization drills or exercises in grammar rules. You will receive immediate feedback through speech recognition technology.  Since you will have a personal user account, you can go through the curriculum at your own pace.

The process to get started is easy.  You can register through St. John’s website or with the congregational Rosetta Stone coordinator, Thuy Nguyen, so that a user account can be created.  Once done, there are two ways for you to engage:  on a computer at St. John’s or on your personal laptop/desktop.  If you select the former, the computer in the library is ready for use and instructions are in a binder.

For a personal laptop/desktop, you may choose to install the software yourself or have it done for you, provided you bring your laptop to church.  The installation/set up process takes about 20 minutes.  If your computer is not already equipped with a camera or headset with a microphone, you will need to purchase one because the software requires verbal feedback for the lessons.

Our current license limits us to one logged-in user per level at any time.  If you find that you frequently cannot access the software due to this limitation, please notify the RS Coordinator and we will evaluate the option of upgrading the license.

Click here to sign up for your Rosetta Stone learner account

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions!