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Welcome to Church Community Builder (CCB)!

CCB is an online tool that serves as an online community for St. John’s Lutheran Church, providing ways to improve communication and connection between you and others in the worshiping congregation as well as between you and the church office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use Church Community Builder?

At St. John’s, our common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord causes us to gather together to love in word and action. We gather eagerly to be revitalized and strengthened and grow through worship, deep and engaging Bible study, constant and vigilant prayer, meaningful relationships with fellow believers, and opportunities of service in Jesus' name. We see our time, our possessions, and our selves as that which belongs to God.  We are all recipients of Jesus' great commission (Matt. 28:18-20). We each go as a witness, called by Christ to step out boldly in faith, inviting all people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. Wherever we are, that is where our mission is: our homes and families, our neighborhoods and communities, our schools, and places of work and leisure.

CCB is an online tool that helps connect people and facilitates ministry as we gather, grow, and go!

CCB not only provides you information about the people, groups, and educational or servant opportunities at St. John’s, but also allows you to track individual records of growth and view your secure personal giving records. You can easily maintain your contact information to ensure you receive important communication from the church.

How do I use CCB?

One of the best ways to start getting familiar with the system is to check out the Guide to CCB. This guide will give you some helpful tips for using the system and direct you to some of the most important help videos and articles. Another great way to learn CCB is to login and spend some time browsing around and checking out all the features.

Who has access to CCB?

Anyone can request to receive a login to CCB. If your email address is in our church database, you will automatically receive an email with a link to activate your account and set your password. (You may want first to visit the guide to CCB to learn how to ensure that the activation email shows up in your inbox rather than your junk folder.) The basic level of access to CCB will allow you to update your contact information and view your giving history.

Users who are also members or friends actively involved in church life will also have access to the online church directory. In circumstances where someone is misusing the online community, the church office may restrict or block access to CCB.

Is CCB Secure?

Church Community Builder works hard at making sure that all of your data is secure (CCB statements on security). CCB also lets you control what information you make available to others users of the online community.

While it is encouraged to make more of your information available to other members of our worshiping community for building up of that community, you are able to opt out of the online directory completely or determine what information in your profile is visible to specific sets of people (See guide to CCB for information on how to control your privacy settings.) Furthermore, access to information by church staff is limited to only that which is necessary to do their jobs.