Salaam Isa Seminar 2019

February 23, 2019

9:00am – 4:00pm

Location: 5952 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310

Category: Hosted Event | Coordinator: Office Administrator

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Nasser & Daisy al'Qahtani

Nasser and Daisy’s primary calling is to equip and encourage the church through teaching and mentoring. The Lord has given Nasser an open door to the nations. God has sent him all over the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia teaching about God’s character, our identity in Christ, and practical application on how to live fully for Christ. He has been able to pour into the underground church, local churches, and foreign missionaries who serve in those places. Because of Nasser’s testimony of salvation from Islam to Christ, and Daisy’s testimony of prayer, they are also able to share and teach Christians how to witness and reach the Muslim world through prayer, outreach, and education.

Nasser’s primary focus in ministry is the teaching of the Word. He equips the church by presenting the Scriptures through a Hebraic/Eastern world view. This unique perspective gives a fresh look into the early church and the Jewish people. When he is not traveling, Nasser partners with multiple local churches in teaching and equipping the Body.

Daisy’s primary outreach is a regular blog focused on Christian living and Bible truths. She uses her gift of writing to share intimate snapshots of what it means to follow Christ daily. She takes concepts and stories from the Bible and then relates them to living in our modern world. She also actively mentors women in their Christian faith, and enjoys publicly sharing words that would encourage and build up the Church.

Seminar Content

Middle East Culture: Islam is grounded in Middle Eastern culture and worldview; therefore, it is helpful to understand some key differences between the Western and (Middle) Eastern concepts of truth, identity and relationship. This session will equip Westerners to share the Gospel in an Eastern communication style.

God’s Character and Nature: Comparing and contrasting the God of the Quran and the God of the Bible. Are they the same? If not, how can we clearly articulate the differences in a way that is both loving and truthful?

Human Nature and Identity: Comparing and contrasting the identity and purpose of humanity as revealed in the Quran vs. the Bible. Why were we created and how does that shape our identity? This session will highlight the differences between the “spirit of slavery” and the “spirit of sonship” mentioned in Romans 8.

Living a Holy Life: Comparing and contrasting what it means to live a holy life in Islam vs. Christianity. Is it possible, and if so, how good is “good enough”? What makes Muslims and Christians distinct in their lifestyle? How can we communicate these differences in a spirit of humility and love?

Rediscovering the Hebrew Bible: How to introduce Muslims to the Bible starting with the Old Testament. This is a “crash course” on the Hebrew Bible with an emphasis on communicating the big picture story of the Old Testament to a Muslim audience in a way that exalts Jesus as Lord and Savior.


Online registration opens January 15 and closes February 20. Following that, day-of registration will be $40.

First 20 registrants will receive a free copy of Connecting With Muslims by Fouad Masri.

Salaam Isa Mission Society

OUR PRUPOSE: To develop a missionary movement in Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC area that will bring the Gospel to Muslims; to equip Christians to share the love of Jesus with Muslim neighbors, families, friends and co-workers; and to serve as a catalyst to stimulate better relationships between Christians and Muslims and to encourage the Christian Church to be involved in this mission.

The Salaam Isa Mission Society is committed to:

  • Encouraging all Christians to pray for Muslims that they may experience the love of Jesus.
  • Serving as a bridge between Muslims and Christians by helping to remove the fear and misunderstanding that exists between our communities.
  • Equipping Christians to have faith conversations with Muslims.
  • Motivating the Church to be actively involved in ministering to Muslims.
  • Identifying and recruiting persons of peace to assist in bridging the cultural gap that exists between Christians and Muslims and facilitate the communication of the Gospel.
  • Establishing mission and ministry teams in every Christian church and encouraging the development of communities for new believers.

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