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October 2021 - Huddle Time

With the Homecoming celebration behind us, and the education year kicked off, the Huddles and Small Missional Communities that sometimes take a hiatus over the summer are starting up again!  St. John’s members join these small groups to continue our Christian education as well as enjoy fellowship with other folks within St. Johns.  There’s no real structure to the huddles except for meeting regularly and focusing on Jesus Christ and how we can continue to share his word teachings and actions with each other and our community.  Why, you may ask?  St. John’s Lutheran Church offers so much more than Sunday services.  Reasons to join a small group or huddle include establishing and improving relationships with other Christians; spiritual growth; and support and encouragement.  Add to that the benefit of Christian education, and it’s a win-win (for those of you who are “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” fans)!  If you are interested in investigating huddles further, you can visit the St. John’s website or simply reach out to Christy Hoins through CCB. 

While I’ve got your attention...

I’ve been noticing some new faces (or at least faces I’m not familiar with, yet), so it will benefit all of us if we wear those name tags we were issued when we joined SJLC.  We are blessed with a wonderful church family and greeting each other by name will make us all feel welcome.  Many of us have taken to keeping our name tags in our mailboxes, which is a perfect solution for not losing or forgetting them.  IF you can’t find yours, please let me know.  We’ll see about replacing it.

God’s blessings for a wonderful October.