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President's Blog - September 2019

Grow and Evolve

Pastor Campbell shared with me a picture of what the inside of our organ looks like, now that its electronic guts and brains have been completely upgraded. There is a touch screen now, can you imagine? To translate the physical pumping of air through pipes from state of art electronics and a touch pad is truly amazing.

It’s annoying sometimes in life when you have to upgrade something, or it becomes obsolete or unrepairable isn’t it?  Which means you need to re-learn how to use the dang thing.

Humans are the same – I have two live examples of the evolution of human development in my house (or now, mostly in my house). Two humans I love, that despite my efforts to hold on to them tightly, are growing, learning, and wanting to stand on their own. And now I need to re-learn how to be their parent or become obsolete J.

You would think that my dependence on prayer and the comfort of God’s grace would become less as my kids become independent. Nope. I need him even more. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though, because their changing needs means I need to grow and evolve also.