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President's Message - February 2019

Dearest Members of St Johns: 

We are incredibly blessed to have caring professionals in our front office – Janet and Terri – who are the engine that gets things done for St Johns.  Pulling all the written products – bulletins, Weekly Words, Messengers – together smoothly is no easy task.  I know you would not have a President’s Message at all without Janet’s kind reminders to me.  Like so many of us, weeks seem to go by in a blink.  I can hardly believe we have finished the first month of January already.  Terri has done incredible work behind the scenes ensuring that all 2018 financials are closed out, all the payroll is ready to go for 2019, and that we are continuing ahead on our planned Sanctuary projects.  Balancing vendor selection with cost and schedule is another nearly impossible task, but Terri makes it work for us.

As a result of the Sanctuary work, we’ll be moving services for a few weeks into the Fellowship Hall.  This will take the work of many hands to pull off.  I am thankful for the leadership of Denise Canter and all the members of the Worship Committee, as well as the Pastors and Susan, who I know will make the temporary relocation as smooth as possible.  Sometimes a move such as this, even a temporary one, is a good way to shake-off dust that has accumulated on how we worship.  Do you always sit in the same spot?  I know my family does.  Now is a chance to try another “pew” and introduce ourselves to our new seatmates.

At the end of February, the Church Council will meet and we have a lot on our plate.  We are looking forward to hearing the Craft Fair report from the Creative Fellowship, learning more about partnering with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, and catching up with the Campus Projects Team.

I hope to see you at the End Hunger Now meal packaging event February 2nd and at our SJLC Engaged potluck on February 17th!


Elisabeth Auld

Congregational President