All on-campus worship services, classes including ESL, and activities suspended until further notice.

Spring in Virginia - April 2019

Spring in Virginia is really amazing isn’t it?

The cherry blossoms and warm sunshine is always a marvel. I love getting out in the yard and fluffing up all the pots on the front porch (and my fluff, I mean, removing the dead stuff I’ve left out there all winter and planting new, living stuff). I love watching the trees along my drive home go from brown and plain to electric green. I have such great memories of getting a new dress to wear for Easter, with white patent leather shoes, of course. Everything about April feels clean, and bright, and hopeful.

 It’s certainly no coincidence that this is the time of year when we celebrate the most awesome renewal of all – the resurrection of our Lord. Jesus makes each of us feel clean, and bright, and hopeful. Every day even, but Easter is always the best.

 My family and I wish you all the most wonderful Easter…He is risen, risen indeed!