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Koinonia Evening Prayer

Join us for online midweek worship services during the Lenten season! Our worship will follow Koinonia Evening Prayer, and will be led by St. John’s Director of Music, Susan Gobien, and her husband, Jurgen with a brief homily from Pastor Meehan.

We will use the Passion Reading for Palm/Passion Sunday (March 28) from Mark 15:1-47, and divide this up into segments for the midweek Lenten services. By doing this, people would be prepared to hear the entirety of the Passion Reading on Palm/Passion Sunday, and will have opportunity to think and meditate upon this in advance. The homily for each week will be based on that part of the Passion Narrative.

  • Wed, Feb 24 (Midweek Lent #1) - Mark 15:1-5 (Jesus Delivered to Pilate)
  • Wed, March 3 (Midweek Lent #2) - Mark 15:6-15 (Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified)
  • Wed, March 10 (Midweek Lent #3) - Mark 15:16-20 (Jesus is Mocked)
  • Wed, March 17 (Midweek Lent #4) - Mark 15:21-32 (The Crucifixion)
  • Wed, March 24 (Midweek Lent #5) - Mark 15:33-41 (The Death of Jesus)
  • Wed, March 31 (Holy Week) - Mark 15:42-47 (Jesus Is Buried)
  • Wed, April 7 (Week of Easter) - Mark 16:1-8 (The Resurrection of Jesus)

Let your blessing be upon us, heavenly Father, as we pass through these holy days in which we remember the sufferings and death of our dear Lord. As we remember, help us to follow Jesus in willing obedience, learn from his humility, and being filled with his love, live a life that is pleasing to you and of help to our neighbor. Bless our worship this evening through Christ our Savior. Amen.