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Salaam Isa Mission Society Seminar

The Salaam Isa Mission Society supports the work of Crescent Project’s Metro D.C. Area Coordinator Yvette Moy to develop a missionary movement that will bring the Gospel to Muslims. We encourage all Christians to pray for Muslims that they may experience the love of Jesus. As Christians are equipped to have faith conversations with Muslims, the Spirit will then lead to the establishment missional communities for new believers.

We live in an exciting and diverse community that sometimes feels intimidating to understand. Various cultures have value systems, and needs that are deep, meaningful, and distinct. If we can learn more about how others view the world, we can understand in a whole new way how to truly love our neighbors as ourselves. God has designed our communities to depend on one another. Understanding more how this design works can only draw us closer to the Lord and to one another. The Salaam Isa Mission Society has designed a digital event to do exactly this. Register for “God’s Open House: Diversity and Community” and learn how you might be challenged in faith to understand your neighbors better and grow spiritually, as well. There is a $20 registration fee. Please register by Saturday, January 30.

How are we to be a missional community?

David Dryden was a missionary in Crimea, Ukraine planting home-based churches among unreached Muslims for 7 years with his wife and children.

Dave Thompson was a worship minister for years until 1986.  He has been part of home-based communities for more than 25 years.            

Dave and Dave met 5 years ago, have been close friends and each brings a different perspective to the table.  They are not always part of the same home-based community, but they are always part of the global community, just like you.