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The Alpha Course Online

Is there more to life than mere existence?

Do you have questions about God, purpose, or meaning?

What is life really all about?


St. John's is partnering with The Franconia- Springfield Misson of the Anglican Church to offer the Alpha Course Online which seeks to help people answer those questions.

Alpha is a 9-week VIRTUAL Zoom course that will help participants wrestle with those questions and discover answers.

Come and eat together (virtually), watch a video, and discuss the video in a small group. The Alpha Course Online is your opportunity to ask questions about life, faith, and meaning in a safe space, and to belong to a loving community. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.

The Franconia-Springfield Mission and St. John's Lutheran Church are partnering to run this Alpha Course together online on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9pm. If you are searching or curious, we'd love to have you join us.

Because it's virtual you're welcome wherever you are physically and spiritually!

2021 is the right time to ask those questions and find answers to God's purpose for you! Click here to join The Alpha Course Online.