Men's Ministry

St. John's Men's Ministry offers opportunities for men who are members or friends of the congregation to come together for service, study, and fellowship.

SJLC (Serving Jesus, Living in Community).

5 Practices and Questions for yourself and fellow Christians
Practices Questions
Seeking the Kingdom How did you see God at work this week?
Hearing from Jesus What has Jesus been teaching you in his Word?
Talking with People What kind of conversations are you having with pre-Christians?
Doing Good What good can we do around here?
Ministering through Prayer How can we help you in prayer?
Reference: Joining Jesus on His Mission, Greg Finke


Upcoming Events

Monthly Event

Men's Breakfast:

A monthly breakfast meeting on the first Saturday of the month.

Time: 7:30 am through 9:00 am
Location: Please reference the upcoming event section for specific details.

Participate or contact using the information below:
CCB group: Men's Ministry
Email: SJLCmen [at]