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We gather around the cross together regularly in worship and fellowship.

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Worship isn't an exercise in rote repetition.  And it's not something we do for God because He needs it, either.  Rather, we gather together under the cross of Christ to be formed and fueled for living in the world.  In this way, St. John's is more of a "supply depot" than a place to hide from the world.

From the Lutheran perspective, going to the Lord's house is the high point of the Christian's week.  There, we hear God's Word proclaimed, receive forgiveness, we experience fellowship with other Christians, and God strengthens us through His Sacraments for life in the world.  In the Divine Service, God is the One doing the serving: He gives, and we receive in faith.  We offer prayers of thanksgiving, hymns of praise, and petitions for God's intervention in our lives and in our world.

Music plays an important role in our congregation's worship life.  Our Sunday services resound with the sound of the pipe organ and choir.  We enjoy use of the worship settings which celebrate the liturgies of Church from ancient and Reformation times alongside more recent settings, reflecting movement through the seasons of the church year.  We offer midweek services during Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Holy Week and Easter) as we prepare for and remember God's work in our lives.


St. John's is an active congregation, with many groups for you to join and enjoy the gift of fellowship and companionship with others.

Join us in worship and fellowship, receiving God's good gifts, and experiencing the transformation of life that comes though Christ Jesus alone!